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    Shaping Customer Service in the Social Era

    I love talking about collaboration almost as much as I like doing it.  When people come together, one idea spawns others and before you know it, greatness erupts into the world.

    The reason social media is transforming business today (and in years to come) is because it allows us to team together in ways we could never achieve in our traditional, proximity-based societies or companies.  And that includes collaborating to meet customer needs.

    Your customers know as much or more about the “real world” use of your products than your service reps or even product engineers might know. 

    Collaborating with your customers across social channels:

    • Helps your reps and interested customers help other customers more effectively and at lower cost.
    • Improves product development, which lowers your customer service demands which in turn also lowers your costs.
    • Increases customer satisfaction.

    I’ll be doing a series of posts on the topic of social customer service.  And I’m especially excited by a recent project where my buddy Dr. Natalie Petouhoff and I recently teamed with  We created a white paper on the ROI of social customer service programs as well as several videos.

    Our materials will help people:

    • Understand the framework of successful social customer programs.
    • Determine the ROI of social customer service.
    • Build a realistic social customer service business case.
    • Stimulate discussion on the topic.

    We’ll also host a 3 Tweet Ups on topics related to the business side of social customer programs.  More on timing coming soon.

    This is just the beginning of the discussion.  Join in because by collaborating together we can do great things.


    Here are great places to start:

    White Paper

    Calculating the ROI for Social Customer Service


    Snackable Insights Into ROI of Social Media
    Episode 1: How to Build a Business Case for Social Customer Service
    Episode 2: Calculating ROI for Social Customer Service
    Episode 3: How Social Customer Service Benefits the Entire Company

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    Reader Comments (1)

    One of the things that makes me the happiest is collaboration. I'm the best me in collaboration. I remember years and years ago when I worked in the auto industry. I was asked to help a developing team put a new car on the market. When I asked the various team members to come to an initial meeting (I was taking over a team that had been in existence for about a year) I was shocked by what I saw.

    The transmission guy, the engine engineer, the chassis engineer, etc.. all brought the pieces of the car they had been working on in isolation for the precious six months. When they went to put it together their response was, "Oh gosh... look - the pieces don't fit together! Guess we'll have to go back to the drawing board."

    My response was, "Have you guys not been meeting on a regular basis? Have you not shared what you are working on with each other?"

    They looked at me with confused faces and said, "No, why would we have done that?"

    It was then that I realized I had a place in corporate America. As a young engineer, you wonder if you'll be able to help or contribute. What I saw was that it wasn't "normal" to collaborate. And as an engineer that had people skills, I might be able to bring to the table something that others hadn't in this situation.

    This example is an extreme example of what businesses have not always done well - collaborate with their employees and customers. And that's really what social media is about. Its not just about managing a Facebook Fan page or community or using social channels to execute a campaign. It's a much bigger and deeper conversation with the two most critical assets a business has -- their employees and their customers.

    It's been a pleasure to collaborate with you Kathy!
    @drnatalie Learn. Share. Grow.

    June 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commenter@drnatalie
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