Success stories!  

I spearheaded a $300k accelerated software implementation for a non-profit with $15m in revenues and implemented the solution in 1/2 the normal time. The solution spanned A/R and order management, meetings, exhibitions, membership, subscriptions, fundraising, online web presence (including online stores), and other common association management needs.

For a software company, my team aligned the clients' business strategy with automated workflow processes and technology (including, leading to organizational efficiencies and cost savings. The solution integrated across marketing, sales, order fulfillment, and customer service to provide a consistent customer experience.

For a blue chip client, my team showed them how they retained $10m - $30m in customer revenues through their social customer service (and how their efforts scored a low-end ROI of 700%).

For a $35m software company, I orchestrated the continuous improvement of its shipping management software solution, which increased efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy and decreased expenses.