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    Here are a few ways we've propelled our clients' succeess:  

    For a blue chip client, we showed them how they retained $10m - $30m in customer revenues through their social customer service (and how their efforts scored a low-end ROI of 700%).


    For a software company, we enabled them to heighten customer satisfaction by providing a consistent and seamless customer experience via automated workflow processes.


    For an RV rental company, we opened a new pathway to expand revenues by designing an online booking engine.  The starting point involved fine-tuning their existing work processes and designing new ones to support automation.


    We designed social assessment surveys for several marketing agencies and adapted the survey model to their agency-specific requirements. For one agency, we designed a long version of survey to use for chargeable services and a short version to use for lead generation activities.


    Our consulting practice centers on:


    Dig in and find out more about our services or our approach to leading change.

    Or hey, contact us. Let’s talk now about blazing new trails for your business.