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    Tips for a successful implementation

    Yes! You can have a successful implementation that leads to user adoption and buckets of benefits for your company. It takes a combination of leadership, planning, and communication.

    I originally posted this preso a few years ago and just updated it. Have a look see and learn what you need to know before you begin.

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    Why, what, and how of marketing measurement

    Most marketing folks are creative types. You know, the kind of folks who see spreadsheets and break out in hives because…numbers.

    I get it. I do. Because any day of the week, I’d rather see pretty pictures that summarize data than see strings of numbers and I’m a geekozoid.

    And yet.

    If marketing departments want to improve their effectiveness and show their business relevance, then marketing measurement is a must.

    The slide preso below (or after the jump) tells you the why, what, and how of it all. Go. See.

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    The Makings of a Great Business Intelligence Analyst

    My gal pal and I got into a deep discussion on aptitudes the other day. According to smarty pants Johnson O'Connor folks,

    Aptitudes are natural talents, special abilities for doing, or learning to do, certain kinds of things. Manual dexterity, musical ability, spatial visualization, and memory for numbers are examples of such aptitudes. 

    Anyhoo, Gal Pal wondered what makes for a great BI analyst. And being me, I couldn't resist making a slide preso 'cause I thought other penetrating minds would want to know too.

    The slide preso is after the jump..

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    Tips to Lead Successful Corporate Change

    Change is stressful, even welcome change, because it challenges people to be different than they’ve been before. That’s an uncomfortable place to be until people absorb the new ways of being or doing activities.

    Leading successful change within a corporate environment is a multi-stage process, requiring a combination of leadership, planning and communication in each stage. Check out our systematic approach to change management below to see how we roll.

    Henry Kissinger summed up leadership this way,

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    Kudos to Squarespace During Hurricane Sandy

    There are a lot of reasons why I love using Squarespace to host my website and I blogged about many of the reasons here. Additionally, Hurricane Sandy showed yet another reason.

    During and in the aftermath of the hurricane, Squarespace stayed up and running with no loss of service.

    Here’s an email from Anthony Casalena, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Squarespace to subscribers, describing the heroic lengths Squarespace staffers went to in order to maintain the host providers services. 

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    Social Measurement -- Considerations and Solution Selection

    Companies engaging in online social conversations need a good social monitoring and analytics solution so they can monitor conversations occurring about their company, products, and services across the social web. And the same tool is important to measure their results.

    And hey, even companies that are just started in social media or pondering it should add a social analytics solution to their toolbox. You might be surprised about the sentiment and nature of conversations that are going on that you may not even be party to.

    The presentation that follows summarizes important considerations to help you select the right premium social analytics solution for your company’s needs.

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    Social Maturity of Mountain Travel Industry

    John Runberg, Partner with BCF, and I surveyed attendees of the 2012 Mountain Travel Symposium to determine the level of social media maturity of this travel industry niche. In the presentation that follows, we published our findings from the survey’s 36 respondents.

    These respondents spanned hotels, destinations, ski areas, and travel-related vendors.

    BCF is a full-service marketing agency with a passion for the travel and hospitality industry. I’ve been working with them on building a measurement practice for their agency.

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    Social ROI Case study of Rocky Mountain Hotel

    For the 2012 Mountain Travel Symposium, I joined a Measurement panel to discuss various topics related to…well…measurement. For my part, I centered on factors needing consideration to determine the social ROI. Included in my short presentation is an ROI case study from a Rocky Mountain Hotel that was a client of BCF.

    BCF is a full-service marketing agency with a passion for the travel and hospitality industry.

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    How Strategic Social Customer Service Generates and Preserves Revenue

    The slide deck below is from a presentation Dr. Natalie Petouhoff and I did for the 2012 Customer Service Experience conference, which was an offshoot of CRM Destination.

    In it, we discuss how social media can be used to retain customers, leading to retained revenues from avoiding customer defections. We also included an in-depth case study from a blue chip company’s social customer service team.

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    Back in the Saddle

    I’ve been busy with client projects and client generation and have let my blog postings slip since February. But I’m getting back in the saddle again and plan on posting new articles at least once a week if not more.

    Over the next week, I'll post presentations I made earlier in the year on the topics:

    (If the links are live, then the presos on already posted on the blog).

    And in coming weeks, I’ll be writing more about a project I’m excited about. I’ve teamed with BCF to write an guidebook on Social Marketing and ROI especially for the hotel industry. BCF is a marketing agency with a passion for the travel and hospitality industry.

    I’ll keep you posted.