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    Social ROI Calculators

    Become your client or executive team's best friend by showing them the economic value of social business initiatives.

    Are you trying to get buy-in for your social business initiatives?  Are your clients or executive team asking how they'lll make money from social business initiatives or at least lower costs?

    If you want your social business or media initiative to stand out, then you have to talk dollars and sense. 

    Get help getting to Go by calculating the real gains and costs of your social initiatives. 

    And when you give your management team the economic insight they need to social business opportunities, then everyone wins -- management, your company, and you. 


    Benefits of your smROI calculator:

    To software vendors, PR and marketing agencies:

    • Propel your market leadership.
    • Close more sales.
    • Heighten client satisfaction.
    • Gain higher revenues.

    To companies: 

    • Know the economic potential of your social initiatives. 


    What kind of results will you get from your smROI calculator?

    Other so-called social business valuation tools just show benchmark measures like the number of "Facebook fans" or other metrics. They don't really talk about real dollars and sense.

    My smROI tools do.  You'll know:

    • Cash flow summary for Gains and Costs.
    • Net Present Value of the cash flows for Gains, Costs, and Net Results (determined over a range of discount rates).
    • Return on Investment.


    Gains and costs

    Look for Gains to come from any combination of:

    • Expanded revenues from marketing initiatives (by expanding your social reach and creating more targeted messaging).
    • Call Center savings.
    • Customer Insight savings.
    • Brand Protection savings.
    • Lead Generation savings.

    And Costs span:

    • People.
    • Social technology platform.


    Sample summary page:

    Click here to see an enlarged view.


    Get started now...

    Select from my standard smROI tool or let me design a custom tool for you. 

    Get to Go now. Contact me today!