Data Insights Services

We deliver to clients focused insights into business performance, gleaned from some combination of operational, social business, and business results.

It's not about numbers.

Our leading-edge thinking and best practices translate data into actionable intelligence our clients use to optimize the performance of departmental activities with corporate objectives and strategic goals.

And we help clients build their business cases, including providing ROI analysis, of corporate and marketing initiatives.



We have particular specialties in data mining customer databases to segment for target-specific messaging. We also specialize in analyzing unstructured social data to understand and identify key target audiences as well as influencers and their characteristics.

We’re also adept at designing customized data base analysis and reporting tools in Microsoft Excel and Access.

Past projects include:

  • Analysed past campaigns and built case study library for a PR agency – , allowing knowledge transfer of success and failure factors across organization. Case study management application in Access to allow staff to access database of case studies. Provided capability to easily capture new data, propel knowledge transfer, as well as provide reporting.

  • Enabled segmented messaging by data mining customer database for mid-sized software company – Ultized SQL queries based on project-specific criteria. Mail merge into customer emails and letters.

  • Analyzed of marketing metric data – To evaluate ongoing success or failure of marketing campaigns.
  • Sales activity analysis – Determination of sales activity based on placement in sales cycle as well as to determine insights such as most popular products based on criteria like sales volumes and revenues.

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Business case development

A business case captures the reasoning for initiating a project or task and provides business justification.

Our business case development services provide business leaders with an in-depth understanding of the project background, the expected business benefits, project assumptions and expected risks. We can also give you insight into the costs and risks of doing nothing.

Also, if relevant to the project, we provide a gap analysis, showing actual performance of early initiatives versus expected performance.

A final and important aspect of the business case is projected financial results, including Return on Investment.


Return on Investment (ROI) analysis

We provide in-depth cost-benefit and other financial analysis for corporate initiatives and programs. These include cash flow analysis, net present value determination (for programs extending longer periods into the future) and Return on Investment.

Our analysis combines defendable assumptions with appropriate risk, allowing business leaders to make informed decisions about the economic viability of new initiatives relative to other corporate opportunities.

Kathy is a ground-breaking and leading expert in determining social media ROI across the organization. She incorporates potential gains from marketing, sales, customer service, product development, and internal collaboration.


Past projects include:

  • Design of multi-tiered software maintenance program for mid-sized software vendor – To support revenue initiatives. Included defining business case and determining pricing model.

  • Social media ROI analysis and calculator for large telecom service provider – To determine the business value of an existing social customer service program in order to justify continued and expanded investment. Provided client with smROI calculator to allow customer service management to do their own ad hoc ROI analysis.
  • Showed how social customer service retained $10m - $30m in customer revenues for blue chip telecom with ROI of 700%. Justified social team investment and made business case to expand team.
  • Determined $88k annual revenues from social marketing for luxury Rocky Mountain hotel (at ROI of 174%). Demonstrated how a modest expansion of social strategy would increase revenues to $1.6m - $2m (560% ROI).
  • Cost-benefit analysis of capital purchases (various companies) – Performed in anticipation of major purchases to ensure wise use of resources.

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