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    Now It’s Time to Show Social Marketing & PR ROI

    Last week, Dr. Natalie and I opened our kimonos and showed Focus roundtable listeners how to determine a social customer service ROI. We moved beyond just talking about metrics to discuss how calculate the ROI by merging information from:

    1. Traditional operational activities and metrics.
    2. Social analytics.
    3. Business results when social media is applied.

    We connected the dots to show the interrelatedness and dependencies across the different types of insights and how that translated into monetary savings for a client. And we compared those gains to the costs of the social program.

    This week, Dr. Natalie and I going to do the same with showing how to calculate a social marketing and PR ROI on Focus. Join us tomorrow, on November 9 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET!

    **** If you missed the live event, catch the replay!


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