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    Happy Holidays from Intellicore Design Consulting

    It’s that most wonderful time of the year and we at Intellicore Design Consulting hope that everyone has had and will continue to have a wonderful holiday season.  We also hope you've had a great year in spite of the some of the economic road bumps.

    We certainly have -- and we have y'all to thank for that.

    Cynthina Heinsohn and I (re)launched Intellicore Design Consulting this fall because we wanted to do something different.  We wanted to help businesses accelerate their connections to their communities while advancing their own business opportunities.

    We’re off to a grand start.  In the process, we’ve also had the opportunity to meet lots of new folks that we wouldn’t have met had we not stepped off into consulting.

    To all our new friends, and those new folks we hope to meet soon, may you and yours have a fabulous holiday season.


    P.S.  I just had to post this….For the first time in about a gajillon years, it "snowed" down 'round Houston, Texas where the sun shines most of the time it. 

    This is a pic of Shelby, Lady of the Hunt, who had issues with the snow at Cynthina’s lakefront spread.

    P.S.S.  To those of us that currently live or have lived in places like New England or the Rockies, please humor Cynthina.

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