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    How social media helps customer service - Up close examples

    I just bought a new cell phone – starting with an AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro before switching to an iPhone.  My goal, beyond making phone calls, was to download emails from multiple email accounts, send text messages, and Twitter.

    Guess what?  I experienced configuration problems.  No surprise there, what with a new phone and all. Besides, that’s what tech support is for.

    In trying to solve my problems, though, I experienced an up close and personal view in how three companies – AT&T, Pantech, and Rackspace Email – use Twitter’s social media channel to their benefit...or in the case of one company, to its detriment.

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    Community-enhanced versus traditional websites – what’s the what

    One of our Intellicore Design Consulting clients needed help in understanding the value of a community-enhanced website versus their traditional website.  You know, “community” as in social media outreach.

    I put together a short PowerPoint presentation to explain what’s the what and thought others might also want in on the whata.

    Check it out.

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    Social media is about more than marketing

    I watchlist a variety of blogs and articles about social media because Intellicore Design Consulting is building part of our consulting practice around offering community solutions.

    What strikes me is that the focus in mostly on making marketing initiatives for (again mostly) B2C businesses.

    And that’s a great way to use social media.  However, social media outreach is about so much more than marketing.  It’s about forging connections and collaboration.

    Community venues like Facebook and MySpace and their corporate equivalents might get most of the press but, in my mind, they’re only one piece of the social media environment – and of the least value to most B2B businesses.

    What sort of community and collaboration do most B2B businesses really need?  Let’s dish...

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