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    Tips to Lead Successful Corporate Change

    Change is stressful, even welcome change, because it challenges people to be different than they’ve been before. That’s an uncomfortable place to be until people absorb the new ways of being or doing activities.

    Leading successful change within a corporate environment is a multi-stage process, requiring a combination of leadership, planning and communication in each stage. Check out our systematic approach to change management below to see how we roll.

    Henry Kissinger summed up leadership this way,

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    Social Business Impacts People, Process, & Technology

    If you want to build a successful social business, then you need to understand how it will impact your company. For example, you need to understand there’s a difference between activities like launching miscellaneous marketing campaigns using social media channels and implementing corporate-wide initiatives.

    The latter situation is a change management issue – and that means it will impact people, processes, and technology

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    Stop Dominating Customers. Start Partnering.

    Just stop it. Here's why.

    P.S. Dr. Natalie and I are going to talk more about customer centricity at next week's Focus roundtable. And Emily Yellin is going to join us. So come. It's going to be good.

    P.P.S. I mentioned this WSJ article in my video - BlackBerry Maker's Issue: Gadgets for Work or Play? (Subscription may be required).



    Change Management & Social Business

    Becoming a social business – not just a company with a Facebook page – is a change management opportunity and challenge for a company. It requires attention to people, processes, and technology.

    The more important question is what can a company do to provide a better customer experience? And what changes to people, processes, and technology are needed to support the strategy and tactics for such a customer-centric business model?

    Doing social from a holistic corporate perspective needs to be driven at...

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    Pathlight Solutions transforms business

    We’re pleased as punch to announce the launch of Pathlight Solutions, a new firm focused on transforming business.

    Our suite of workshops, tools, and services show companies how to holistically fuse business, technology, and people requirements to ignite positive change.

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    Business strategy should always lead technology

    There are ongoing discussions ablaze concerning how to label social media technology solutions.  Should they be called Social CRM or Social Business solutions or what have you.

    It’s beneficial to decide on labels so we can all speak a common language so the discussion is important.

    However, the focus on the technology is also a cart before the horse phenomena.

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    How to calculate the ROI on collaboration software – Building the business case

    One of the big questions on social media software solutions is ROI.  The general thought is it’s hard to determine.  I disagree.

    Just so we’re on the same page, by collaborative software I’m thinking of feature functionality like wikis, file sharing, and discussions.

    What you want for a return on any business investment is either revenue generation or cost savings. 


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    Integrate community and CRM solutions & alleviate sales challenges

    Over the last two articles in the Sales Challenges series (here and here), we’ve delved into the sales challenges revolving on messaging, prospecting and closing sales.  We also identified using online community and CRM solutions to resolve these challenges.

    Today, I want to close the loop by discussing the benefits of integrating these solutions together to further mitigate sales challenges.

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    Mitigate prospecting and sale-closing challenges – Use CRM and community solutions 

    Sales Challenges series, part 2

    Yesterday, we opened the Sales Challenge series by looking at challenges around messaging and the solutions to mitigate them.  Today, we’re going to investigate challenges around prospecting and closing sales and the ways in which you can use CRM and community solutions to resolve them.

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    Resolve messaging sales challenges with community solutions

    In this economy, we all face sales challenges.  Topping the list are those related to messaging, prospecting, and closing the sale.

    Each of these challenges can be mitigated through the effective use of CRM and community solutions in the Sales Challenge series will investigate each and provide solutions to mitigate them.  To start off, we’ll focus on the messaging.

    However, these challenges interconnect so in our third and closing article in the Sales Challenge series, we’ll address integrating the solutions to achieve a holistic resolution.

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