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I'm a Principle Project Manager with Personify. Before that, I headed the team at


Here at Personify

Personify is a leading association management solution provider delivering software, consulting, interactive web solutions and cloud hosting solutions that help associations and other non-profit organizations optimize relationships to achieve sustainable success. 

I lead teams to help clients discover the right combination of base solution and customizations needed to propel their organizational success. This includes A/R, meetings, membership, subscriptions, online web presense (including online stores), and other common association management needs. 


My big picture

I help companies perform better by giving them insight into customer behaviors. And I also help them use technology to be more effective.

My mom said my favorite question growing up was “Why?” After discovering the The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. in second grade, I became hooked on becoming a spy.

While I didn’t grow up to join the CIA, my love affair with discovery has made me a life-long Explorationist.

I’ve explored for oil and gas deposits, to discover what motivates people, and sometimes it’s been to understand computer systems. And in my spare time, I have various esoteric interests that I enjoy delving into.

Professionally, my raging curiosity has led me to become a T-shaped pro with deep penetration into data insights and analysis, with horizontal experience in marketing, sales, operations, and customer service (and once upon a time, exploration geophysics).

For every client, I build the perfect team to meet their challenge, collaborating with marketers, developers, or other change agents. 


A final tidbit...

I'm the author of the Simplifying Social Business ebook series, available on Kindle and Nook. The ebook series helps business leaders understand the impact of social business from a change management perspective.

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