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    Workshops and speaking engagements

    Learn how to transform your business

    Kathy offers keynote speeches and workshops based on her popular Simplifying Social Business book series.

    Bringing both passion and insight to social business topics, Kathy shows business leaders how to build social strategies and programs that solve real-world business problems in customer-facing departments like marketing, PR and customer service.

    The insight will arm you so you can begin to build your own company-specific social business model, or innovate on what you’ve already started.


    Topics include:

    • The Promise of Social CRM - Lays the groundwork to help business leaders understand the opportunities and challenges of the social business model and Social CRM strategies. 

    • The Business of Social Business - Overviews the primary steps to becoming a social business, spanning objective, strategies, and business case considerations.

    • Social Customer Service ROI - Delve into specific factors needed to build a successful business case (including the ROI calculation) for social customer service programs.

    • Social Marketing and Public Relations ROI - The marketing and PR corollary to build a successful business case (including the ROI calculation) for social marketing and PR programs.

    • Social Maturity Assessment - Provides insight into a comprehensive system to evaluate the social maturity of brands stand in the market place and provide actionable insights and executable strategies.

    Workshops provide great opportunities for deeper penetration into the topics showcased above. Workshops can also be customized to meet the needs of your specific business situation.

    It's not just theory. Expect specific takeaways your team can directly implement.

    Before you get serious about implementing social business, get serious about understanding its impact, benefits, and value to your company.

    Get in contact today to arrange your keynote address or workshop.


    Custom speaking engagements

    Have a special need regarding business transformation? Contact Kathy today to discuss your needs!