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    Social Marketing and Public Relations ROI

    Coming soon!

    If you’re a marketing professional or executive, you’re responsible for the budget and execution of the brand and sustaining its equity in the marketplace. Your focus spans product marketing, demand generation marketing, marketing communication, crisis management and other related activities. 

    And if you’re in public relations (PR), you’ve seen what has happened to other brands that don’t heed the need for social media. The list is long, including big brands like United Airlines, Dominos, GAP, Nestle, and Advil. 

    But the rules of how you show marketing and PR value have also changed.

    Campaigns are no longer discrete events. Your campaigns have to fit within the larger corporate umbrella of social business initiatives that are crossing departmental siloes.

    And this also means your old ways of measuring success by showing results in terms of metrics is insufficient. Today’s business leaders want to understand the business results of your marketing and PR social initiatives.



    In this eBook, we’re going to show you how to determine the social marketing and PR ROI in a tangible way that will pass the scrutiny of your CXO levels – including the CFO.  We’ll show you how to:

    1. Develop a social marketing and PR ROI framework, including defining benchmarks and metrics.
    2. Prove the value of social marketing and PR.
    3. Calculate Gains and Costs of social marketing and PR.
    4. Extend your business case.

    And just so you know, we won't stay up in an ivory tower talking theory. We're opening our kimonos and will show you specific methodologies and formulas you can directly apply to your own company.