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    Services Overview

    Transform your business with the right fusion of people + processes + technology


    A complex world calls for complex solutions -- and sometimes you need help getting there. Yet, you want a consultant who understands business, culture, and technology.

    We provide a range of business analysis services designed to identify your business needs and determine solutions to your business problems.

    To ensure success for client projects, our teams are populated by the right mix of experienced professionals who have diverse business experience across a broad range of company sizes.


    Benefits include:

    • Insights into actionable intelligence to heighten business performance. Understanding the financial impacts of your corporate strategies and initiatives. This is where the rubber meets the road in terms of bottom line.

    • Accelerated design and adoption of strategic initiatives. 

    • Alignment of corporate processes with customers, partners, and employees. 

    • Heightened productivity balanced with what real people need to accomplish, leading to maximized employee retention, accelerated knowledge transfer, and rapid integration of new staff. 

    • Stimulation of collaboration and connectivity between internal teams as well as with external audiences that include customers, partners, and other interested partners. 


    Service offerings:

    Our consulting practice centers on:

    • Business intelligence and analysis, including 
      • Delivering focused insights into business performance, gleaned from some combination of operational, social business, and business results to clients.

      • Unraveling the patterns across social and web analytics, combined business metrics, to understand customer behavior and its impact on business results. 

      • Data mining customer databases to segment for target-specific messaging.



    • Other: