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    Kudos to Squarespace During Hurricane Sandy

    There are a lot of reasons why I love using Squarespace to host my website and I blogged about many of the reasons here. Additionally, Hurricane Sandy showed yet another reason.

    During and in the aftermath of the hurricane, Squarespace stayed up and running with no loss of service.

    Here’s an email from Anthony Casalena, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Squarespace to subscribers, describing the heroic lengths Squarespace staffers went to in order to maintain the host providers services. 

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    Why Squarespace is a super blogging platform

    A common question that pops up on LinkedIn’s Q&A forum surrounds are requests for recommendations for blogging platforms. The most common answers swirl around WordPress and Typepad. I tend to be the contrarian because I don’t like either platform.  Instead I like, recommend, and use

    It’s what I used for this site (both in the main site and blog) and for Community Network, the Intellicore Design Consulting blog.

    Let me tell you why.

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    Examples of happy group forums -- tales from the trenches

    I'm a huge users of certain group forums in my own professional and personal life. 

    Some of these forums have played important roles in increasing my customer loyalty so I thought I'd share a few examples from the trenches to demonstrate how a group forum can help you...

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