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    How Social Business Emulates the Human Approach

    Today’s podcast with Dr. Natalie and I showcases how social business emulates the human approach.

    Social business, and supporting SCRM strategies, allow us to once again emulate the human approach. It’s not about adding a human touch to your business. Instead, it’s about being human.

    In the process, social business unleashes the creative processes of real people, incorporating normal right- and left-brained processes, rather than force-fitting us solely into a left-brained, transactional mold.

    How Social Business Emulates the Human Approach


    Why the Social Business Revolution Is A Game Changer

    Today’s podcast centers on why social business is a game changing revolution because it supports how real people and do business together.

    Why the Social Business Revolution Is A Game Changer


    Why CRM is really Customer Transaction Management

    Dr. Natalie and I discuss how CRM (customer relationship management) has been really more like CTM (customer transaction management).

    And we delve into how social business is moving CRM to where it’s really meant to be – and why moving to true CRM is important to companies.

    (If you want to watch/listen to the full discussion rather than an excerpt, you can download the file here. Select Episode 1 - The Proimse of Social CRM, part 1.)

    Now, here is today's podcast...

    Why CRM is really Customer Transaction Management


    Why Social Media Isn’t So Dumb

    Mark Ritson takes a hostile and suspicious view of social media benefits in The seven dumbest sins of social media, released last week in Marketing Week.

    I don't agree with the depth of his criticism, I do share some of his sentiments. And for the record, I'm pro-social media.

    What Mark is really complaining about is some folks are getting so caught up in the shininess of social media they’re forgetting something important.

    Social media is not exempt from Business 101 fundamentals.

    At the end of the day, there's only one set of reasons for businesses to do social media and they are to:

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