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    How Strategic Social Customer Service Generates and Preserves Revenue

    The slide deck below is from a presentation Dr. Natalie Petouhoff and I did for the 2012 Customer Service Experience conference, which was an offshoot of CRM Destination.

    In it, we discuss how social media can be used to retain customers, leading to retained revenues from avoiding customer defections. We also included an in-depth case study from a blue chip company’s social customer service team.

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    RIM (Blackberry) = Social Business #Fail

    OMG. Have you been following the RIM (Blackberry) outage snafu in the UK? This is an operational crisis accentunated by a communication crisis. And it's an anti-case study in how to be a failed social business that lacks customer centricity.

    Update - Oct 12 - The crisis moved into the 3rd consecutive day so I updated my video analysis. Here it is...

    Dr. Natalie and I are talking about The Business of Social Business in tomorrow's Focus Roundtable. We'll be providing important insight this week and next in how to avoid being a RIM. Because trust me, you don't want to lose customers the way they're going to.


    Reference articles

    BlackBerry Service Crashes in Europe

    BlackBerry Outage Persists in U.S.; Customers Rely on Work-Arounds

    Outages Plague RIM's BlackBerry for Second Day in Europe, India

    Social Media Woes Highlight Marketing Faults


    This article isn't specifically about the RIM outage, but you may find it an interesting perspective about RIM's future...

    A third of BlackBerry's enterprise base to head for exits in 2012



    Take ownership of your customer relationships

    Who owns prospects and customers in your company?  Do you know?  Just as importantly, would folks in other departments give the same answer?

    You need "yes" answers to all those questions or you'll mismanage your customer relationships.

    To get to "yes," your customer-facing teams need good definitions of your company's Customer Life Cycle and Rules of (Customer) Engagement.

    Let’s dish on strategies to propel your company's business success by spring boarding on well-defined customer relationships  – and then layer in the technology tools for managing the customer.

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