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    Tips to Lead Successful Corporate Change

    Change is stressful, even welcome change, because it challenges people to be different than they’ve been before. That’s an uncomfortable place to be until people absorb the new ways of being or doing activities.

    Leading successful change within a corporate environment is a multi-stage process, requiring a combination of leadership, planning and communication in each stage. Check out our systematic approach to change management below to see how we roll.

    Henry Kissinger summed up leadership this way,

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    Why Netflix failed as a social business

    Today's podcast is an excerpt from a discussion between Dr. Natalie Petouhoff and I on Netflix -- and why it failed as a social business.

    Our thanks to for allowing us to replay excerpts from our 10-week Roundtable series on Simplifying Social Business. We based the Focus roundtables on our ebook series of the same name.

    (If you want to watch/listen to the full discussion rather than an excerpt, you can download the file here. Select Episode 1 - The Proimse of Social CRM, part 1.)

    Now, here is today's podcast...

    Why Netflix failed as a social business


    Social Business Impacts People, Process, & Technology

    If you want to build a successful social business, then you need to understand how it will impact your company. For example, you need to understand there’s a difference between activities like launching miscellaneous marketing campaigns using social media channels and implementing corporate-wide initiatives.

    The latter situation is a change management issue – and that means it will impact people, processes, and technology

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