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    The Promise Of Social CRM–Just Published!

    If you are in business today you’re inundated by the plethora of information about social business, social CRM, and social media and the like. 

    It’s true, social media has changed how we interact – at least in our personal lives.

    The bigger question for business leaders, though, is whether social media will help them solve their business problems. And if so, then the question becomes one of how to combine traditional business methods with social media to do so.

    Answering those questions is a passion I share with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff. To help business leaders, we’ve teamed together to write an eBook series called Simplifying Social Business. Look for it on Kindle and Nook.


    Buy from Kindle -- The Promise of Social CRM

    Buy from Nook -- The Promise of Social CRM

    The Promise of Social CRM is the first of in our Simplifying Social Business series of eBooks. It lays the groundwork to help business leaders understand the opportunities and challenges of the social business model and Social CRM strategies. Along the way, we’ll explore why the social business model is so important for companies today -- and the potential impact for companies that get it right.

    We’ll cover:

    1. The essence of social business -- defining what it means, why it’s a paradigm shift for business, its benefits, and communication methods required for success.
    2. The Unsolved Challenge of CRM failures.
    3. The promise of Social CRM -- emulating the human approach, making sense of social interactions, and how to start applying SCRM in your company.

    Buy from Kindle -- The Promise of Social CRM

    Buy from Nook -- The Promise of Social CRM


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