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    Strategies to stimulate creativity and leave control in the dust

    I blogged previously on the Control  Versus Creativity Continuum and how favoring control can lead to turning your life radioactive.  In contrast, though, creativity is a good news energy that you can use as your personal nuclear fusion reactor -- and that's the sort of energy that powers the stars.

    Being a reformed controloholic, I have a strategy to share that I learned from my friend Amanda that provides a dandy and practical way to maintaining a creativity mindset. 

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    Control versus Creativity – A Continuum

    Have you ever been accused of having control issues?  If you say no (as in never ever), then get ready for my finger to point back at you.  Everyone has some arena in their life where control issues erupt.

    Some of us deal with control power issues more than others like…er….me.

    It took a bunch of awareness and flippity floppitiness of attitude but I’ve moved away from control to embrace influence, a.k.a. empowerment. 

    And yahoo because my personal results with influence are much better than I ever scored with control.  People don't like already know that.  However, they don't mind being influenced just so long as they can make their own decisions.

    My good friend Amanda gave me the secret that I’m going to share with you.  Let’s dish.

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    Welcome to Big Cat Chronicle

    Hi!  Welcome to a place where I plan on doing a bit of roaring on personal transformation.  I've got a slate of articles coming, although I need to finish polishing off the content.  Here's what I have planned in the coming weeks:


    • An ebook on personal branding.
    • Creativity versus control.
    • Inspiration versus fantasy.
    • Revolution versus rebellion.
    • Harsh taskmasters versus benefit teachers.

    Stay in touch and let's have some fun together.


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