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    Stop Dumbing Down America

    Today’s WSJ reported on the continued dumbing down of America, at least as shown by SAT scores.

    Education in America today elicits mixed feelings from me but mostly I’m not impressed.

    First I'm very much an intellectual. Twenty years ago, I would have impressed on any kid that college is a must. However, in today's world, high school kids face two issues – 1. Outsourcing, and 2. Expensive college educations that can leave them burdened with debt.

    Thus, I find myself changing my view on college – and believe me it’s a shock.

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    Being Outrageous

    I felt stuck in my life. Some parts of were going pretty doggone good. In other areas, though, I struggled along with blah results.

    So I highlighted my hair blue.

    Ever since, I’ve broken out into unprovoked grins of delight from doing one outrageously different thing in my life. It’s a little thing but it’s stimulating me to find ways to Live Life Bold.

    Would love to hear your stories about your other acts of outrageousness.  Dish!


    P.S. Next haircut…I’m going with purple highlights.  Can't wait!


    Inspired Dreamers Versus Deluded Nutcases

    Each of us have arenas in our life where we’re often struck with inspiration and see possibilities that don’t yet exist.  Inspiration is good because it allows you to see beyond what's real into the depths of possibilities -- and in doing so, we also touch the divine. 

    The problem for some of us, or maybe all of us some of the time, is when we get caught up in deluded fantasy instead.  If inspiration is the divine, then fantasy is the hell dimension that drags us away from our live and into its pit.

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    Every weakness is a potential strength

    When I look back on my life, I realize I've made some whopper mistakes that are all traceable back to my weaknesses.  As much as I’d like to blah, blah, blah about the value of experience, I’d rather avoid mistakes in the first place.

    How to do, how to do.  Then it hit me…life-changing epiphany.

    Every weakness is a strength. 

    I realized however deep my failures are indicate the height of my possible success. 

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    Warning: Rebels die (but awakeners live)

    Ernest Terry, one of my old Exxon bosses and a savvy corporate player, once said, “The problem with rebels is they either die in the fight or are shoved put aside when it’s over. New regimes need builders and not destroyers.”

    Ernest's wisdom has stayed with me a decade or so later because It's. Absolutely. True.

    As “they” say, change is the only constant in life.  Another truism is change is always stressful, even when it’s welcome, because change always, always requires some form of sacrifice.  The magnitude of stress escalates, though, when change is imposed. 

    If you're like me and are a natural change agent, then how do you handle yourself to avoid the fallout of being a rebel while still being true to your nature?  Let's talk strategies to be welcomed as an awakening change agent.

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