Homemade Ginger Drink - My Favorite Natural Decongestant
Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 09:01AM
Kathy Herrmann

Wow! I just enjoyed a homemade hot ginger drink. Talk about a tasty way to open up my sinuses!

So far for me, ginger is my best natural decongestant. After one of my ginger drinks I usually get 1-2 hours of much clearer sinuses.

Love me some ginger!


My ginger drink recipe

If ACV or coconut oil isn't to your taste, then try substituting lemon instead.

To make the ginger water: 




Raw honeyraw ACV, and lemon are all natural immunity boosters so any combo of them are good additions to use with the ginger. Coconut oil is one of the super foods. It's a "good" fat and is a great source of energy.

Be sure you use the raw types of honey and ACV for maximum benefit. For the lemons, you can substitute a packaged lemon juice. If you do look for a brand that is from 100% real lemons rather than concentrate. Whole Foods as a 365 brand that is not made from concentrate.


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